The inspirational journey from life to death...and life again.

The Story

Josh was shot and killed by a sniper while leading a patrol in Baghdad in 2007.  He was miraculously revived after his heart stopped for a full 15-minutes.   Today, he's a transformational speaker impacting audiences across the globe.  Check out some of the powerful lessons he uncovered throughout his journey in the video below.

Josh Mantz's inspirational talk at TED X Santo Domingo, 2016.

The Experience

Josh has been described as an "epidemic of hope" as he inspires and transforms audiences across the globe.  He's well-known for achieving an instant emotional connection with audiences where "a pin drop" can be heard from the moment he says his first words.  

 Here's a few reasons why Josh is a trusted partner with corporate executives and a decisive  asset for event planners:

1.  Josh's message is universal, artistically crafted and performed to connect with people of virtually any background.  This experience brings your team together in ways that matter.

2.  This is a deeply human experience that elevates the importance of empathy, vulnerability, and trust.

3.  Josh is one of the few speakers in the world who can elevate the energy of an entire event by uncovering the deep beauty within adversity.  He's able to take emotionally sensitive topics and  turn them into profound sources of  strength.

4.  Josh's keynote has immediate relevance to corporate leadership initiatives and employee engagement practices. Developing greater self-mastery and embracing the "creative tension" associated with adversity amplifies performance.  

5.  Josh is a true professional. He dedicates an endless amount of time to improving and perfecting his craft to ensure a transformative experience for your audience that propagates far beyond the walls of a company headquarters.

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The Beauty of a Darker Soul


The Performance

Uncover the beauty within adversity as audience members walk with Josh through a harrowing near-death experience and uncover the central truths that allowed him to persevere.  His performance drives home the importance of trust, empathy, humility, and love while also capturing the power of teamwork and human connection.


The Book

The experience doesn't stop with Josh's performance.  His #1 best-selling book, "The Beauty of a Darker Soul," carries a universal message about adversity and the role that trusted relationships play in overcoming it.  Josh has a highly unique way of signing books that directly involves audience members and serves to provide a source of hope and inspiration for them, their friends, and their family members.


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